Nothing Says "Holy Matrimony" Like A Subway Sandwich

A Michigan couple threw a Subway-themed wedding to celebrate their first meeting.

When you're in love, even the tiniest detail can seem significant. Maybe a certain song reminds you of your paramour. Maybe a bar, restaurant, or bus stop evokes fond memories of a flirtatious night on the town. Or maybe you met in a Subway restaurant, and now you can't bite into a dubious tuna sub without thinking of your beau. If the latter applies, I recommend taking a cue from a Michigan couple and throwing a Subway-themed wedding. Ah, amore.

Michigan news outlet WXYZ reports that Zack Williams and Julie Bushart met at a Subway location back in 2017. Per Newsweek, Bushart swung by Subway for a quick lunch with her mother on that fateful day. They hopped behind Williams in line; Bushart liked the look of him, and Bushart's mother eventually chased Williams down in the parking lot to pass along her daughter's number.

A few years later, after getting engaged, the couple decided to celebrate their nuptials with a Subway-themed wedding. The wedding occurred last week, on October 22, 2021—and it included a special surprise from Subway HQ.

Per WXYZ, Subway representatives caught wind of the couple's plans and decided to surprise the young lovers on their special day. Before the wedding, Williams and Bushart were summoned to the Livonia, Michigan, Subway location where their love story began. There, Subway representatives informed the pair that they would receive a free "Subway-themed photoshoot" on their wedding day, as well as a celebratory ride in a Subway-wrapped convertible. Finally, Subway delivered the couple's favorite sandwiches and cookies to the wedding reception.

Oddly enough, Bushart and Williams aren't the first couple to throw a Subway-themed wedding. There's at least one other case of sandwich-heavy nuptials on the books, as well as multiple instances of weddings inspired by other fast food joints. I guess it's true what they say about love: life is the flower for which love is the honey, and fast food is the greasy bumblebee that pollinates it all. Pure poetry.