Michigan College Student Allegedly Got Drunk, Stole Food Cart, Dragged It Behind Pickup

The owner of a food cart stopped into a bar in Mount Pleasant, Michigan in the wee morning hours of Friday, May 3, to share leftover food with the staff there. While the owner was inside Blackstone Bar, an intoxicated Central Michigan University student reportedly jumped into the truck hauling the food cart, and sped off from the bar.

Police dashcam footage obtained by WWTV shows the pickup truck hauling the food cart, which has fallen onto its side, generating sparks as metal grinds on pavement. The highjacking reportedly caused $7,000 worth of damages to the cart, which MLive identifies as Walking Taco food cart.

Police apprehended the 21-year-old student not long after, with one officer describing him as a student who had a bright future in front of him. Now, the student faces charges of vehicle theft, property damage, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Police say a breath test conducted at the time showed his blood alcohol content was 0.18, above the .08 legal limit for driving in Michigan.