Michigan Man Wins The Lottery Using Fortune Cookie Numbers

In cracking a fortune cookie, you're typically met by two things, at least aside from the starchy, sugary confection itself. There's the fortune, obviously, which is sometimes an actual fortune and other times a weird bon mot in the vein of "All things come to those with patience," which is really just a piece of vague life advice. Then there are the "lucky numbers," lottery numbers by a more polite name, which most people tend to ignore. (At no point in this process should you be met with surprise advertising, hopefully.)

You ignore them at your own peril, however, because sometimes the lucky numbers pay off. And if you, like us, considered this impossible, behold: Newsweek tells of a Michigan man who won $351,180 from the state lottery by playing his fortune cookie numbers. The 61-year-old man, who elected to remain anonymous, has been playing the same set of numbers for years now, citing that "I don't remember when I got that fortune cookie, but I do remember thinking the numbers looked lucky, so I went with it." He plans to spend the winnings on bills, travel, and family.

Strangely, his case isn't even the only one of the month; Newsweek also points out that several weeks ago, "a retired North Carolina man won a $344.6 million Powerball using numbers from his fortune." While the odds of this happening are likely astronomical at best, these twin incidents offer a valuable reminder that the lottery is pure chaos, and also that this writer will continue to play the numbers from Lost several times a week until they maybe pay out.

Meanwhile, The Takeout will continue to make prank fortune cookies, which is super simple, now that the market's good and ready for a renewed wave of snack-based gambling.