Do You Have A Moment To Discuss The Pizza Party Political Platform?

A New York pizzeria owner is running for county legislature with an unusual party affiliation: the Pizza Party.

As political gimmicks go, it's hard to beat Vermin Love Supreme, the American satirist/politician/activist/bizarre performance artist known for wearing a giant boot on his head. But now, in a similar spirit, a New York pizzeria owner is entering the public service realm with an unusual party affiliation: the Pizza Party.


New York state news outlet CNY Central reports that Amanda Magro, a business owner and resident in Mexico, New York, is running for a county legislature seat under "the Pizza Party." She created the independent party after losing the Republican party nomination for a county legislature seat. The party name serves two functions: to invoke a sense of whimsy (politics famously needs more whimsy) and to promote Stefano's Pizza, the business Magro owns alongside her husband.

"Coming up with a name [for the party], I was like, there's so many names out there that are overused," Magro told CNY Central. "Honestly, I wanted to have something a little bit memorable, and listen, I own a pizzeria, so I just thought it was fitting."


She feels that her background as a small business owner makes her an excellent candidate for public office. "Being a business owner, I understand what it's like to have a budget, to build those relationships even though you may not see eye to eye on things," Magro told CNY Central. "I think being in the business I'm in and having to talk to a variety of people really does benefit me when it comes to representing my community."

Finally, when asked if the unusual party name would hinder her shot at public office, Magro simply said: "Everything is so serious. You can have fun and be serious at the same time." I believe it was U.S. President John Adams who first said those words. Regardless, Magro's exact political stances remain unclear, but here's hoping her platform includes pepperoni.