Mesmerizing Video Captures 8,000 Gallons Of Prosecco Exploding From A Winery

It's a video that's as heartbreaking—especially for lovers of sparking wine—as it is mesmerizing. The Evening Standard reports that 30,000 liters, or about 8,000 gallons, of prosecco exploded from a fermentation tank at the L'enoteca Zanardo Giussano in Conegliano, Veneto, Italy. Fortunately, an employee was on hand to capture the explosive footage, showing "a fountain of sparkling wine gushing over the edges of a huge tank" that went viral in a Facebook post.

We can't stop watching this video; it's like a beautiful yet tragic prosecco waterfall. CBS News says that the FB post traces the explosion to overfilling of the silos. But rest assured, there are a lot of jokes about heading to Italy with prosecco-ready containers and the tragedy of soccer moms' lost mimosas floating around until this considerable cleanup effort is concluded.