Toast Your Cheesemonger With A Nice Ghost Pepper, As They're Both In The Dictionary Now

This week, added more than 640 new words to its widely used online dictionary, a lineup that includes buzzy ("generating buzz"), bottle episode ("an inexpensively produced episode of a television series that is typically confined to one setting"), garbage time ("the final moments or minutes of a game in which one side has an insurmountable lead, substitutes often enter the game in place of starting players, and scoring is typically easier because of looser defensive play"), and oh yay, "the disparaging meaning of snowflake." Also included: food words!

Some of the inclusions may surprise you, not because they're not worthy of inclusion, but because it's wild that they aren't already in there. Among them: bay-rum tree, first used in 1882; java, as in coffee; and cheesemonger, as in the friendly merchant who sells you cheese. Maybe bring your local cheesemongers some warm cups of java to congratulate them?

Others make more sense as recent additions. For example, Benedict as a term for a variation on Eggs Benedict; double-dip, as used with regard to food (thanks, Seinfeld); go-cup; and steak, as applied to a dish that's not meat.

You'll find the rest of the list below.

bhut jolokia

chai latte

cow parsnip / giant cow parsnip

dulce de leche

ghost pepper