Mega Chang Vs. Giant Toblerone

At this year's All Candy Expo, Kyle Ryan dropped his business card (hell yes, we have business cards!) in the fishbowl at the Toblerone booth, where they were offering a melted version of the segmented, triangular chocolate bar. A few weeks later, he received a big-ass box in the mail. It contained a 4.5kg Toblerone, the largest we'd ever seen. What would you do in this situation? We called Internet Eating Sensation Dave Chang out of semi-retirement and tasked him with eating the entire thing in one sitting. He insisted on the kamikaze headband. Some things to note: When he gets sick of chocolate, he begins eating tiny dried crabs that were sent in by a faithful reader named Nicole. More on those crabs (and some other items Nicole sent us) next week. But for now, a special video-only Taste Test, once again expertly put together by Hassan S. Ali. I give you Mega Chang Vs. Giant Toblerone.