Meat Company: America's Bacon-Cooking Skills Are An Indictment Of Our Education System

You do know how to cook bacon, right? (If not, please spend a moment with Rachael Ray's Late-Night Bacon recipe.)

One meat company is concerned that American kids just aren't being taught the most important of all life skills: how to prepare bacon. So, with a dose of humor, Vermont-based Black River Meats recently packaged bacon with the following instructions: "If you really don't know how to cook bacon, please contact our elected officials and complain about our education system. Every American should know how to cook bacon... seriously."


No less than the Associated Press reported on this, and even Snopes gave the story the old thumbs-up. Photos of the packages posted to social media are, in fact, the real deal.

I say this type of political activism is just what we need in 2018.

I know we're all scrambling for reasons to call our elected officials these days, given that not much of consequence is really going on politically in our country lately. So now's really a great time to ring up your favorite Secretary Of Education Betsy DeVos to talk about the most important issue plaguing our public education system. No, I don't mean offering basic protections to transgender students or investigating the civil-rights claims of students with disabilities or providing debt relief to defrauded college students. No, I mean bacon. Call Betsy DeVos today about bacon.