World's Biggest Ketchup Fan Storms McDonald's Kitchen Because She Didn't Get Enough Packets

So, get a load of this jerk.

On October 27, that turd made her way through the drive-through of a McDonald's in Santa Ana, California. She requested ketchup with her fries or nugs or whatever. She did not get as much ketchup as she wanted, to then this absolute butthead marched through the employee back door of the place and asked for ketchup. The 22-year-old manager, also female, told her she'd have to leave the employee area of the store before she could help her—which is common freakin' sense—and so this jackass "for whatever reason... took it upon herself to assault the manager," according to Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna (via KABC).

Again, this is all regarding ketchup packets. There's like a 2-in-5 chance that there were McDonald's ketchup packets in the glove box or under the passenger seat or somewhere else in this dickhead's car, those things get everywhere. They are also just available in the restaurant, with the straws and lids and salt packets and stuff. She could have just walked into the restaurant and grabbed giant fistfuls of ketchup. Who the hell does this?

The video is pretty nuts (now released to the public, as the police are trying to find her). The highlight (lowlight?) has got to be when the person working the drive-through runs out of frame to help the manager, and then all three of them careen back into view and end up grappling while there's a car just waiting there for a couple Diet Cokes or something.

It all ended when someone, presumably traveling with the woman, enters the kitchen to bring her back out. Without ketchup. Like, she still doesn't have ketchup. Whatever will she do?

The manager wasn't permitted to speak to ABC 7 on camera, but told a reporter that her assailant didn't seem to be intoxicated or altered in any way, so it's possible that this really is just ketchup-rage at work. "There is no reason that any employee at any business should be assaulted by a patron," Bertagna told ABC 7, "much less over not getting enough ketchup."

Holy shit, lady, get it together.