Public Says McDonald's U.K. Spicy Nuggets Lack Crucial Element

When it comes to a spicy chicken nugget, the dining public doesn't mess around. The nugg's hotter (and usually more flavorful) sibling stokes the flames of passion within its admirers; earlier this year, Wendy's and Chance the Rapper discovered that when spicy chicken nuggets come off the menu, the voice of the people grows raucous. The public knows what it wants, and what it wants is a chicken nugget with extra pepper and spices in the breading.

Yesterday, McDonald's U.K. launched its Spicy Chicken McNuggets, after an early run last week in one location that was met with long lines of spicy nugget enthusiasts.

As noted by Yahoo! Finance, the Spicy Chicken McNuggets have already been tested in Asia and Australia as well, and will now enjoy a seven-week stint in the U.K. However, a quick scan of tweets from those who've been able to sample the new McNugget so far, suggests that the initial response is less than rapturous. The spicy nuggets, it seems, have no spice:

Some U.K. outlets are likewise reporting that while the accompanying "spicy tomato dip" has some of the desired heat, the nugget itself is allegedly not spicy. While it's perhaps too early to call the Spicy Chicken McNugget's time of death just yet, it's unlikely that this was the start for which McDonald's U.K. was hoping.

While the offering doesn't seem to be capturing eager palates overseas, perhaps McDonald's planned U.S. additions will fare better upon their arrival in September. They'll just have to bring the heat, when the public wants the heat, the whole heat, and nothing but the heat.