McDonald's Continues To Debut Its Coolest Menu Items In Other Countries

Once again, an international outpost of a beloved American fast food brand has released a bunch of new items that look amazing, and here in the United States we get none of it. Watch this video from McDonald's Singapore and let the vibrant glow of those chicken drumlets pierce your hungry soul! Feast your ravenous eyes upon that sack of pizza fries, crisp enough to stand erect like a majestic bamboo forest! Gaze upon the glory of a golden crispy chicken sandwich smothered with sweet tomato jam and a huge disc of fried mozzarella cheese!

Singapore, as we've mentioned before, gets all the cool stuff. McDonald's has given the U.S. a trio of new chicken sandwiches to distract us, and even though those sandwiches aren't too shabby, they have not been touched by the sort of creative spirit that guides McDonald's Singapore to fast food greatness.

My broken heart is somewhat comforted by Yahoo! News, which has been trawling social media for reviews of the international fast food items. According to some Instagram users, the Chick 'N' Cheese is "Not worth it" and "Very disappointing." Some pointed out that the promotional image of the sandwich is "misleading" because the cheese doesn't have that photogenic stringy pull to it, while another user said the mozzarella was "very very plain." One Facebook user wrote that they "didn't like the flavor combination." On Twitter things were even more scathing, with one dissatisfied customer writing "Mcdonald's [sic] chick n cheese burger was so bad. the cheese patty was mostly flour, marinara sauce tasted nothing like marinara sauce, the pizza fries tasted like pretz pizza stick seasoning."

Sure, these are the thoughts of random people I know absolutely nothing about, but they make me feel better about being snubbed by a company that can't even bring itself to put the McRib on its permanent menu. There is a good chance that these items are as disappointing as the commenters make it seem, especially the Chick 'N' Cheese sandwich, because I have learned the hard way that fast food sandwiches containing discs of fried cheese can be too much to handle, in a lot of ways. Still, we should all be given a chance to taste these creative menu options, regardless of what they may do to our digestive systems. After all that we have done for McDonald's, we deserve it.