McDonald's Denies Selling Super-Limited-Edition Nipple Sandwich

A UK man claims he's considering going vegan after finding what looked like a nipple in his sandwich.

You have to be careful when you ask for a sandwich with "everything on it." Best-case scenario, you receive a lovely bouquet of lettuce, onion, and tomato. Worst-case scenario, you receive a wee pig nipple. That's what allegedly happened at a UK McDonald's, where a customer claims he spotted what he believed looked like a "pig nipple" on a breakfast sandwich.

Per indy100, 27-year-old Simon Robinson sidled up to his local McDonald's to order his usual breakfast: a bacon roll, a McDonald's UK offering that includes "delicious bacon with a choice of ketchup or brown sauce, served on a soft, white roll," according to the chain's website. Robinson then opened the sandwich to double-check how many rashers of bacon he'd been given (savvy!), only to spot what looked like a pig nipple on a piece of the meat.

"To open it up and to find that was revolting," Robinson told indy100. "It has put me off meat entirely. So much so I'm considering going vegan now." Meanwhile, McDonald's representatives are "confident" that the bump on the meat was not, in fact, a pig's nipple. A spokesperson for McDonald's told indy100: "We use back bacon in all of our bacon rolls and due to the location that this cut is taken from, we are confident this customer is mistaken in his claim."

Still, Robinson maintains that his sandwich was served with a side of nipple. "I know you can find [nipples] on pork belly but I didn't ask for a pork belly roll," Robinson said. "I asked for a bacon sandwich." To be clear, nipple bacon isn't an entirely outlandish concept. Per our friends at Gizmodo, the odds of finding a stray nipple on your bacon are pretty good, especially if some of the skin is left on the cut of meat. And the bump on the bacon does look like a nipple; you can click through to the indy100 story to see the photo for yourself. Nipple or no nipple, Robinson still had a hearty breakfast. He told indy100: "I dare not eat [the nipple], but I did eat the rest of the roll."