Chef Recommends Stuffing McNuggets In Our Pie Holes, Literally

The McDonald's menu hack was shared to Instagram and has no doubt inspired thousands

The easiest way to create a McDonald's "hack" is to smash two menu items together and hope it works out for the best. Sometimes you discover a small miracle, like crispy, hot French fries dipped into a cold, creamy fudge sundae, and sometimes you need to grit your teeth while choking down a Big Mac McFlurry. If you have lousy culinary instincts you're better off following the lead of fast-food-hack professionals like baker Jonny Massad, who has come up with an odd combo that sounds surprisingly delicious.

Massad—a pastry chef at Australia's Cake Mail bakery—claims that McDonald's hot apple pies taste even better when they've got a bunch of Chicken McNuggets shoved up inside them. In a video posted to Instagram, Massad uses a large pair of scissors to snip off one end of a "Maccas" handheld apple pie and scoops out all the filling. He then stuffs the hollowed-out pie shell with McNuggets, dunks the whole thing in BBQ sauce, and takes a bite.

"Honestly, this is the best way to eat chicken nuggets," he says. "It's so crunchy. Please try it."

Curiously, Massad does not employ the apple filling in any way, even though apples and apple-based condiments go very well with chicken. As a food hack professional myself, I would suggest mixing the filling with one of McDonald's dipping sauces, like BBQ, Sweet & Sour or—and I've got a really good feeling about this one—Hot Mustard.

I, for one, would like to see more chicken-stuffed tubes in the fast food universe. Mr. Massad's hack would make it very easy to consume your daily dose of McNuggets while jogging, riding a bike, or any other sort of physical activity, and it would do it in a way that won't break a McFlurry machine. (Trust me, chicken through a straw isn't as good as it sounds.) What are your thoughts on this hack?