It's McRib Season, Motherfuckers

It's the most wonderful time of the year everybody!!!  

McDonald's has officially announced the McRib—the Holy Grail of fast food sandwiches—is coming back to 10,000 restaurants on October 7th, and I have already made plans to work from McDonald's all Monday long. I'm throwing my card behind the counter and telling the staff just to keep them coming.

Because it's 2019 there is, of course, a way to celebrate the spotting of the great barbecue sauce slathered white whale on Instagram. McDonald's has provided us with 16 special gifs to use in our stories. My cat Rockford Olivier Belvedere Sprinkles Robicelli IV graciously volunteered to be a model for some of these gifs, and is currently entertaining offers for professional spokes-cat representation.

To find the McRib closest to you, type your zip code into the McDonald's official McRib Locator. Plan parties and parades. Celebrate will all your fellow McRib enthusiasts. We need something to bring this country together more than ever, and by golly if the McRib can't do it, then nothing can.