McDonald's Japan Beverage Cups Not PG-Rated When Viewed From Certain Angles

McDonald's Japan had a sweet idea to promote its new summertime McFizz drinks: Create clear cups with a boy on one side and a girl on the other that, once emptied, show the boy and girl innocently kissing. A little heteronormative, but overall nothing especially offensive. It's when customers began tilting the cups at different angles that the adorable romance turned hot and heavy.

A blog penned by English-language Japanese job board GaijinPot first brought the cups to our attention, noting that when viewed from certain angles, the cups' peck on the cheek "becomes a multitude of other intimate moments." Hat tip to Twitter user @mao_kila for the photos:

Yep, that is... likely not what McDonald's had in mind. From there, other customers began angling their cups with equally raunchy results:

It's really the creepy wink that's the cherry on the sundae here. We predict the suggestive cups will become collector's items for 13-year-old boys the country over.