McDonald's Tries Super-Sizing The Big Mac Again

Remember the Grand Mac? Yeah, McDonald's was hoping you wouldn't, so you could get extra excited about the Double Big Mac that's debuting today, for a limited time. More Big Mac! More Big Mac!

Okay, so the Grand Mac actually had a bigger burger and bun, while the Double Big Mac is literally two Big Macs, or four patties all stacked together, so you'll have to open your mouth extra wide, like Dagwood Bumstead. Or maybe they'll teach you how to disconnect your jaw.

McDonald's is also introducing the Little Mac for those with daintier appetites. A Little Mac is not like a Mac Jr. (introduced at the same time as the Grand Mac) because it's a single-patty Big Mac instead of a Big Mac made with smaller patties.

Per CNN, "This promotion could help McDonald's restaurants create buzzy 'new' menu items without the burden of ordering new ingredients or training staff on how to make them."

Which makes sense. But it does make you wonder: why didn't McDonald's just do that in the first place instead of messing around with different-sized patties?