McDonald's Offers Free Breakfast To People Who Voluntarily Wrangle Children

Teachers may be overworked and underpaid, but getting free McDonald’s breakfast is pretty cool.

As any adult that spent the pandemic trapped indoors with at least one child can tell you, America does not appreciate our teachers nearly enough. I have two kids, and attempting to homeschool both of them while simultaneously working from home damn near killed all of us. Teachers, meanwhile, handle up to 40 kids simultaneously, and they have, for some reason, chosen to do this of their own free will. In a fair and just world, we'd be tripling their salaries and properly funding their schools, but since we live in a cold and cruel world, this will never happen. Instead, from now through Friday, any person brave enough to work in a school is entitled to free breakfast at McDonald's. So, that's something.

Teachers, administrators, nurses, janitors—if you're busting your ass every day to show the youths all the beauty they possess inside, there are Egg McMuffins out there with your name on them. All you need to claim your week of free breakfasts is a valid school ID, and a burning desire to give America's children a sense of pride.

McDonald's special "Thank You Meals" for educators include a choice of Egg McMuffin, a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, or a Sausage Biscuit, a crispy hash brown, and to wash it all down, either hot coffee, iced coffee, or a medium soft drink. These extra special meals are served in a Happy Meal box, but instead of toys, the free breakfast will be served with thank you notes from McDonald's corporate offices, which are really just as much fun as Pokémon cards, Disney figurines, and anything else that can be flipped for a ludicrous amount of money on eBay.

In conclusion, free breakfast might not be able to help our teachers pay their bills or purchase the basic classroom supplies they're expected to personally foot the bill for—but it could help start their day on a high note so that they may fill the children's hearts with laughter, reminding us all of how it used to be.