McDonald's Succumbs To Ravenous Hordes, Promises Breakfast Chicken Sandwich In January

In a tremendous feat of food journalism that should be honored by both the Pulitzer and James Beard awards committees, Business Insider obtained leaked internal documents from McDonald's that confirmed that the fast food chain is planning to release a breakfast chicken sandwich nationwide in January—at the same time as Wendy's releases its new breakfast lineup that includes two chicken sandwiches. Rejoice! Previously, Chick-fil-A was the only major chain that offered a breakfast chicken option, but soon we can fight the chicken sandwich wars all day long.

It's true that McDonald's has been testing breakfast chicken options for some time and that about half of its U.S. locations offer fried chicken patties on a biscuit, McMuffin, or McGriddle, but now this sandwich will be available to every American. (Burger King, apparently, has cornered the market on waffles.) Unfortunately, Business Insider's crack team of reporters were not able to worm an answer out of McDonald's about the foundation of the new sandwich. Instead all they got was this mealy-mouthed statement: "America has loved McDonald's breakfast since the iconic Egg McMuffin debuted in McDonald's restaurants in 1975. We will continue to bring new and delicious craveable options, freshly prepared in our kitchens to our customers, so stay tuned." I, personally, am hoping for the biscuit.

Business Insider noted that McDonald's was the big loser in this summer's chicken sandwich war, though it offered no specific justification. The Takeout hypothesizes that this is because its own entry, the Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich, was so weak and posed no challenge at all to its rivals.