Early Access To McDonald's Chicken Sandwich Sells Out, But Popeyes Might Have Something For You [Update]

Update, February 18, 2021: And just like that, all the McDonald's limited-edition capsules are sold out. But amidst McDonald's frenzied merch drop, Popeyes was quick to sneak in some jabs at the latest fast food competitor to ape its chicken sandwich concept. In a press release sent to The Takeout, Popeyes takes aim at McDonald's upcoming chicken sandwich, saying that "Ever since Popeyes released their famous internet breaking Chicken Sandwich, the bar has been set high for what customers expect from a quality chicken sandwich, and other restaurants have been trying to get a taste of the hype by debuting or upgrading their own."

How does Popeyes deal with the new wave of competition? By emphasizing its own quality as the gold standard in chicken sandwiches. Popeyes has purchased 50 different URLs that are nearly identical to McDonald's "CKHNDrop.com" (where the merch capsules were dropped earlier today), and anyone who misspells that trendily-vowelless URL will be directed to "quality.popeyes.com" instead—where they will be presented with a promo code for a free Popeyes chicken sandwich. Have at it, folks, if you dare to stoke the flames of ruthless fast food competition.

Original post, February 17, 2021: After Popeyes broke the chicken sandwich universe in 2019, people have been wondering when McDonald's would respond with a version of their own. Sure, it already had the McChicken and "artisan" chicken sandwiches, but while those items had their merits, they were never so good that they jammed up the freeway. Once this became the benchmark for fast food chicken sandwiches McDonald's had no choice to up its game, and began development of a brand new chicken sandwich that will face the sort of scrutiny that is normally reserved for Michelin-starred restaurants.

As we've already shared with the utmost glee, McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich will be available starting February 24. However, additional promotions are afoot! Starting at noon tomorrow, February 18, McDonald's is dropping a $5 "limited-edition capsule" complete with a 7-inch vinyl record featuring a brand new track by super music producer Tay Keith and an exclusive raw-chicken-flesh-colored hoodie that "reps the deliciousness of our new Crispy Chicken Sandwich in one word 'crispyjuicytender.'" Those who can get their hands on the capsules will also get access to the Crispy Chicken Sandwich on February 23, a day earlier than the rest of the country.

That's right, folks: for $5 and lots of anguished clicking and refreshing, you can live la vida pollo loco and put a new chicken sandwich in your belly 24 hours before anyone you know. All you need to do is visit CHKNDrop.com at noon Eastern time on February 18 and pray you're one of the lucky few to snag a capsule. And if you don't, you'll just have to sit back and wait until next Wednesday with the rest of the hoi polloi. It's going to be tough, but I believe in you and the power of perseverance. And, of course, the power of crispy, juicy, tender all-white-meat chicken fillets.