Duke's Mayo Bowl Ends In Horrifying Celebration

Coach Shane Beamer had a cooler full of mayonnaise dumped on his head after the game.

For those of you who don't follow sports, welcome. You have found a safe haven here. We aren't going to share with you the details of Thursday's Duke's Mayo Bowl, a college football game in which the South Carolina Gamecocks faced off against the North Carolina Tar Heels for a final score of 38-21. Instead, we want to focus on the much more important story of what happened after the game, which is that South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer had a bucket of mayonnaise dumped onto his head in celebration of the Gamecocks' victory.

This is only the second year that Duke's Mayo Bowl has been so named. In the bowl game's 20-year history, it's mostly been sponsored by decidedly more boring companies like tire shops and department stores. Naturally, once a delicious condiment entered the sponsorship space, it was high time to shake up the usual Gatorade-centric postgame celebrations.

The Duke's Mayo Bowl official Twitter account was giddy with anticipation all day as the game played out, tweeting updates for fans about the celebratory setup. Finally, all preparations were ready for the Mayo Bath. Victorious Coach Beamer stepped up to receive his glorious inundation, and it went exactly as you might expect: sloppily.

You'll notice in the video above that Coach gets thunked on the head pretty hard at the moment the bucket is being turned upside down to douse him. No doubt that the heretofore unknown heft of a bucket full of mayo took the attendant by surprise.

We could see this mayo bath becoming a longheld beloved tradition in the sports world—in fact, food has taken over several of the bowl games in recent years. It's the second year in a row for the Cheez-It Bowl in Orlando, and Tostitos was a longtime sponsor of the Fiesta Bowl. And who could forget the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl? Food is just more fun.

The aftermath of the mayo bath is really worth seeing—check out the haunting post-dump photo here.

It's a beautiful thing when the world of food intersects with the world of sports, and this month in particular has been a bounty of great stories. Remember when John Daly ordered $500 worth of Taco Bell while drunk?

Congratulations, Coach Beamer, and our apologies to whomever might attempt to wash your game day outfit. Mayo dreams come true in 2022.