Maybe Don't Bring Your Guns To Chuck E. Cheese's

Allow us to make this controversial statement: Please don't bring a gun to Chuck E. Cheese's? Sure we all may have thought about shooting an animatronic band member as hour four of an endless children's party kicks in, but who among us who would actually do so?

Nevertheless, a Chuck E. Cheese's in Tacoma, Washington was evacuated over the weekend. According to Seattle ABC-affliate KOMO, a 22-year-old man shot himself in the leg, causing mass anxiety and chaos among a bunch of people there to celebrate children's birthday parties. The story said:

"Some parents here are concerned and angry that the man took his gun into a restaurant that caters to kids and clearly asks patrons to keep firearms out."

Oh, you don't say. However, "The man had a concealed-carry permit so he was carrying the gun legally, police said. The only recourse the restaurant may have is a civil suit." Even though the man has a permit, Chuck E. Cheese's does have a strict "no weapons" policy for somewhat obvious reasons.