Math Error Results In Norwegian Olympic Team Ordering 15,000 Eggs

It takes me longer than I'd like to admit to convert kilograms or centimeters to other metric units, so I feel the pain of the Olympic delegation from Norway. The team placed its grocery order for the Games and, meaning to order 1,500 eggs, ended up with 15,000. The BBC reports that difficulties in translating the Korean measurement system may be to blame for the error.

Norway sent 109 athletes to Pyeongchang, so 13 eggs per athlete makes sense. But 137 eggs per athlete, on the other hand, makes for a lot of omelets.

After a brief press conference about the mix-up—the Olympic Village is lousy with reporters, it seems—the Norwegian delegation was able to return the excess 13,500 eggs, Norway's Aftenpost newspaper reports.

If we were the Norwegians, we'd have kept the excess eggs and spent hours Instagramming fried eggs cracked into the shape of the Olympic rings. This is why we did not grow up to become Olympic athletes.