Last Call: I Want To Make Martin Yan's Beauty Queen Beef

As your democratically elected food navigator, I am hereby obliged to share any interesting recipes I come across the online ether. Lately, I've been on a Martin Yan fix—The Takeout is on record as being a fan of Yan Can Cook—and our nights have been spent watching his public television series on Chinatowns across the world (YouTube has 47 full episodes online!).

I was drawn to the episode called Portuguese Influence as I recently spent time in Macau on assignment. In that episode, Yan visits a restaurant called Miss Macau—named so because four of the owners daughters are former winners of Miss Macau! When Yan returns to his kitchen studio, he cooks up a dish he calls Beauty Queen Beef. Besides having an excellent name, the dish sounds pretty amazing: Sliced steak in a garlic-butter sauce with mushrooms, hot mustard, and oyster sauce. I think I'm going to make it this week, but I was so excited about the sound of the dish, I had to share it with you right away.

I've queued it up for you: