Martha Stewart Deems Beyond Meat A Good Thing

When Martha Stewart does something, anything at all—such as discuss her "guilty pleasure" foods with Us Weekly—it's treated as a revelation. "Martha Stewart Reveals [X]" is a pretty good headline construction for any of us media outlets hoping to get eyeballs and clicks, because it's Martha Stewart, and when Martha Stewart does something, it matters. Ah, the perks of sitting at the peak of the empire you've spent 30 years building.

Now, according to an article on her very own website, Martha Stewart has revealed why she's embraced a plant-based diet. Besides the typically cited benefits of such a diet (particularly the lower environmental impact of eating plants versus meat), there's another reason Our Lady of Perpetual Relevance has chosen this moment to reveal these truths: she's teamed up with Beyond Meat to help launch its new breakfast sausage.

"Beyond Meat offers a better-for-you plant-based option to animal protein for people who are looking to change or expand their diets," she said about the partnership. "I think it is important to start the conversation around plant-based diets." And Martha's certainly delivering Beyond's company line, too. The post announcing this partnership is quick to say that "Martha says that she wouldn't ever become vegan, she did mention that she rarely eats meat." This targets the exact consumer Beyond hopes to reach with its products: meat enthusiasts who maybe don't identify as vegan, but who want to reduce the amount of animals and animal products in their daily diet. And with a Martha Stewart endorsement, Beyond has potentially tapped into a whole new consumer base that might have missed the ringing endorsements of Beyond Meat being sung from the rooftops by Martha's best friend in the whole world.