This Limited-Time Marshmallow S'moagie Defies Sandwich Taxonomy

JET-PUFFED partnered with an NYC sandwich shop to produce the s'mores-flavored hoagie.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? It's a question we've asked for years. We still don't have an answer, but we do have a list of celebrities who, upon hearing the query, have raised their eyebrows and quietly asked their publicists to remove us from their distribution lists. The exact definition of a sandwich remains elusive, which is probably how JET-PUFFED is getting away with its new limited-time sandwich in honor of National Sandwich Day: a s'mores hoagie known as The S'moagie.


According to a press release sent to The Takeout, JET-PUFFED recently asked Twitter users if a s'more is technically sandwich. 61% of respondents said yes—which is why, on November 3, JET-PUFFED is partnering with NYC specialty sandwich shop Alidoro to unleash The S'moagie, which I will heretofore refer to as The S'moag. The release reads:

"Inspired by the classic s'mores, the JET-PUFFED S'moagie is an artisan s'more sandwich consisting of a graham cracker-infused hoagie roll layered with toasted JET-PUFFED marshmallows, dark chocolate and sea salt spread, crispy prosciutto, and brown sugar glaze."

Yes. Hell yes. Break me off a piece of that prosciutto-laden S'moag, which a JET-PUFFED brand representative says can be "enjoyed like a traditional sandwich without question." Unfortunately, it's only available at select NYC Alidoro shops—or on Goldbelly, where you can expect hefty delivery fees.


I'd sample this thing in a heartbeat if it were a bit more accessible. Graham cracker-infused hoagie? Dark chocolate, sea salt, toasted marshmallow, and cured meats? Brown sugar glaze? It almost sounds like an upscale Kentucky hot brown, plus hoagie.

Regardless of your feelings re: precise sandwich taxonomy, I'd recommend sampling The S'moagster if you're able. I suppose you could make one at home, but infusing a hoagie roll with a bunch of crumbled-up graham crackers seems like a pain in The S'moag.