Marc Jacobs Just Got Engaged By Way Of A Flash Mob At Chipotle

You may love Chipotle, but you probably don't love it as much as Marc Jacobs right now. Time and other outlets report that he celeb designer chose a New York Chipotle branch to get engaged in Wednesday night.

The element of surprise was strong, as Jacobs had drafted a flash mob dancing to the tune of Prince's "Kiss." In the adorable video, even some of the Chipotle employees get in on it.

While you make take umbrage with some of Jacobs' choices here (Chipotle? And isn't there a more romantic song available than "Kiss"?), his boyfriend Charly DeFrancesco was obviously simultaneously stunned and thrilled, which is about a great as proposals get. All the best to the happy couple, but we're guessing that the wedding dinner will be a bit swankier than burrito bowls.