We See Luck In Your Future: Man Wins Lottery Playing Fortune Cookie Numbers

Oh, I will encounter an important business opportunity in the near future? All good things come to those who make the effort? Sūnzi means grandchild in Chinese? None of this cookie-imparted knowledge has ever done jack for me, frankly. But for one resident of Long Pond, Pennsylvania, his fortune cookies paper made all the difference. According to New Jersey Lottery, Ronnie Martin has been playing a set of fortune-cookie numbers for years, and they finally paid off to the tune of $1 million.

Where did he purchase the lucky ticket? The town of Hope, New Jersey.

I mean come on. Is there any detail of this story that isn't made for a film adaptation? (Dibs on the rights to it.)

Martin typically buys lottery tickets at a New Jersey gas station that's on his commute; on July 24, he bought three Mega Millions tickets, playing his fortune-cookie numbers with one of them. When he scanned his ticket at the counter the next day, he saw a fortuitous read-out: "See clerk." He was then informed by the gas station employee that he was $1 million richer.

If I was Martin, I'd immediately put that money toward a few more fortune cookies, but the winner tells NJ Lottery he and his wife Shirley will use the prize to pay off their house and bills before putting the rest toward savings.