Man Who Created Rubik's Cube Out Of Cheese Deserves Our Respect

You could say that a man who made a Rubik's Cube entirely out of cheese needs a hobby, but Tony Fisher already has an awesome hobby: making Rubik's cubes.

He's designed all types of amazing puzzles including a 13x3x13 MoYu cube that makes my brain hurt just staring at it. But we're obviously most interested in the 2x2 cheese Rubik's Cube, which as you can see in the video below is totally functional.

In the video, Fisher is his own harshest critic—"This one is pretty crap. It's only a two-by-two ... I promise that the next edible puzzle I show will be much, much better"—but we are big fans of his ingenious approach to puzzling. Also, he takes a little nibble of cheese during the puzzle's construction.

Like his previous ice Rubik's Cube, this cheese puzzle appeals to those of us who would give up after 20 seconds of trying to solve it and just gnaw on the cube itself. (Author's note: The Takeout editor Kevin Pang is highly skilled at Rubik's Cubes and my previous statement exempts him.)