Man Trades Beer To Save The Life Of A Unicorn Sheep

This story contains two things that we love here at The Takeout. Okay, one thing we love, and one thing I love. The former: beer. Who doesn't love beer? The latter: got-damned unicorns!

Now, to be fair, that's unicorn, singular, and it's a unicorn sheep, not a mythical beast of magic and light and glitter and candy. But still—Unicorn!

7News Adelaide has the story of Michael Foster, a South Australian stock agent (that's livestock, not money stocks), who spotted an unusual sheep in a stranger's herd. Joey has a stunted second horn, which makes it seem as though he's just got the one, a la a magical unicorn. Joey was, per 7News, "destined for the barbecue," but Foster couldn't have that. So he lived up to his last name, and traded two cases of beer for the chance to buy Joey from his current owner. (Get it? Because Foster's is Australian for beer?)

Now Joey lives as a pet. "He runs with the other sheep, it's just funny seeing his horn poking out," Foster told the network, adding that since bringing Joey into the fold, he's become a bit of a local celebrity. But he has plans to make Joey a much bigger star: "We'll break him in, take him to shows and pageants, and who knows where we can go, maybe Hollywood," Foster said.


If nothing else, Foster plans on trotting Joey out for events from time to time: "I'm sure the kids will get a big kick out of patting a real-life unicorn, we might even do unicorn rides."

Isn't he b-ewe-tiful? I'll see myself out.