Man Selling Half-Eaten Pizza Slice He Claims Football Star Bit Into

Sports enthusiasts put the "fan" in fanatic. So we guess it's not too surprising that this Kansas man is trying to sell a piece of pizza supposedly bitten by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes for $50. As the Facebook Marketplace post (under "Antiques & Collectibles") reads, according to The Kansas City Star:

This half eaten piece of pizza was left behind by Patrick Mahomes at a Shawneee Mission Pizza Shoppe. Comes with a COA and a saliva test strip. I'll toss in his used hand wipe and toothpick for free. Serious inquiries only, please.

That last line is the best part, although all the biological material is a bit puzzling. Would the eventual purchaser be trying to trace Mahomes' ancestral history? Or perhaps clone him?

One major wrinkle, though: Mahomes says he's never been to that pizza place:

Also, as many on Twitter pointed out, that pizza looks more like it came from a frozen package than a pizzeria. So despite this detailed "serious inquiries" post, we suggest you ask a few more questions before you fork over your hard-earned fifty bucks for someone else's half-eaten pizza.