Man Reacts In Worst Possible Way To Roommate Finishing His Food

Don't eat anybody else's food. It's a pretty simple axiom. If you're at somebody else's house, wait to be offered food before helping yourself. If you're at work, and there's a name on the food, leave the food be. If you have roommates, ask permission. Otherwise, things can go south quickly, as evidenced by a California man's entirely unreasonable response to his roommate allegedly finishing the last of his food.

KTLA reports that Jesurun Cyrus was arrested on Wednesday, after police were called to the house by his roommate Travis Collett. After Collett allegedly ate the last of Cyrus' food without permission, Cyrus decided to handle the dispute in about the most hostile way a person can:

Collett tried to make peace with Cyrus by making dinner for him with help from their other roommate, 55-year-old Dawn Allen, the Sheriff's Office said.

This move "was not received well by Cyrus," the department said. Cyrus allegedly pointed a shotgun at Collett as he asked him and Allen to leave their residence.

Cyrus was arrested without incident, and both roommates were likewise booked for being under the influence of a controlled substance at the scene, according to authorities. The roommates were later released, while Cyrus was booked on $10,000 bail.

First off, Takeout PSA time: Do not pull a gun on your roommates over food or anything else, at virtually any time. Don't pull guns on anyone, really. Tends to be solid life advice, by and large.

With that said, while Cyrus' reaction was an indisputably unreasonable one, whom among us has never been overcome by the urge for retribution upon having our food eaten? It's one of the great faux pas of the social order, really.