Man On Valiant Quest To Review All Of Fargo's Chicken Tenders

Some of us dream of traveling to all seven continents, or dining at the world's 100 best restaurants. John Miller of Moorhead, Minnesota, wants to eat all the chicken strip baskets.

Miller is the author of the Thrills With JMills blog, where he has thus far reviewed more than 20 chicken strip baskets served around the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area.


"Chicken strips are a universal language," Miller tells news station WDAY. "I am a man of the people; chicken strips are the food of the people."

This deep-fried populism carries imbues his reviews. In a recent review of Old Broadway's chicken strip basket, Mills writes: "For the most part, I enjoy simple pleasures. ...That's what the OB offers. Affordable, solid bar food. The chicken strip basket has simple elements that just taste good. It's nothing to write home about, but I won't complain about it."

His criteria for judging chicken strip baskets are simple and straight-forward: "The aspects of the basket that influence the review are the chicken strips (duh), fries and ranch. Extras such as toast are greatly appreciated, but will not be taken into consideration to maintain a level playing field."


He's not afraid to dish out criticism when the strips fall short; of a recent chicken-strip order at Sonic, Mills writes: "It had an acceptable crispiness but didn't seem to be that great of quality. They just didn't taste that good."

Succinct, clear, and plain-spoken, Mills reviews chicken strips the way Marilyn Hagerty reviewed Olive Garden. (The two are both in or very near to North Dakota—any chance of a meet-up?)

Mills doesn't limit his writing to simple baskets, though; he is also a sports fan. On his "About" page, he states: "In this blog I will be posting about topics I like enough to write about. My primary focuses will be basketball (mostly the Timberwolves) and chicken strip basket reviews." What more does the world need? Give his golden-fried content a click, please.