Last Call: How Many Gummi Bears Can You Identify Just By Color?

We love a good candy exploration here at The Takeout, and so were intrigued by the Twitter data efforts of one Scott Barolo and his journey to the center of the 12 Flavor Gummi Bear bag. First, he wanted to find out if his bag would actually contain all 12. Second, would he be able to identify all 12 correctly?

Barolo was beset by tragedy almost immediately: His bag only contained 11 gummi flavors, missing the all-important purple color (grape). Then he proceeded to mis-identify the green colors, the reds, and a whole bunch of mixups in the yellow section. He despaired, "I expected trouble from the yellow bears, but I never thought I'd get pantsed by the greenies. Final score: 7 correct out of 11 (64%). Barely passing. I won't be the valedictorian of Gummi High, but I'll get to go to prom."

At the end of his valiant tasting identification efforts, Barolo offered a flavor ranking, and even matching horoscopes.

Barolo describes himself in his bio as a "Scientist-prof interested in power dynamics in STEM PhD training," so we're inclined to trust his research methods. Something fun to consider the next time you tear into that gummi bear bag: Are all 12 flavors in there? And which one is which? But even a research expert like Barolo can't help but be beset by "actuallys" and nay-sayers over his simple gummi experiment: