Man Fills Water Cup With Soda And Things Go Unnecessarily Haywire From There

Sure, many of us have had that thought: If we just ask for a cup for water at the fast-food place, what happens if we fill it up with Coke instead? As a Montana man recently discovered, you may get arrested, although he added certain extenuating circumstances that did not help his case.

As KGVO in Missoula reports, 48-year-old Daniel Stine reportedly pulled the old soda for water swap at a local Arby's. A sharp-eyed employee confronted Stine and ordered him to pay for the soda. When Stine left the restaurant instead, the employee followed, and told him that he was no longer welcome at that Arby's. The employee said that Stine then tried to kick them.

Then the police showed up, and one officer noted that Stine ran toward a nearby Denny's and hid in the bathroom. When Stine refused to come out, "The officers attempted to take control of him physically and that's when he began to resist and fight with the officers and had to be tased to comply to the officer's instructions." The "super-sized list of charges" (nice one, KGVO) now pending against Stine includes "felony robbery charge on top of four misdemeanors including Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct, Obstructing A Peace Officer, and Resisting Arrest." Seems like a high price to pay for that soda.