Man Claims To Be The Prime Minister Of Morocco To Get Restaurant Reservation

If you've ever called a restaurant for a reservation and been turned down, it can be very tempting to then claim you're the Sausage King Of Chicago or similar to get that elusive table. So we can kind of understand the perspective of the father of Twitter posted Ihad. According to Newshub, he called to get a reservation at a Russian restaurant and was turned down. Then, Ihad reports, "Minutes later he called back claiming to be the Prime Minister of Morocco. We got the best table in the place and the chef [asked] him to sign a plate and take a pic [with] him."

Wow, that chef looks so proud. Wonder if the false picture will go up on the restaurant wall? While we at The Takeout certainly aren't condoning this kind of falsehood, we commend Ihad's dad for the ability to commit to a bit—because when the picture and plate-signing commenced, we would have totally caved.