Man Relies On His Good Friend TikTok To Help Him Beat His Addiction To Fizzy Drinks

Meet Rohit. Rohit lives in Melbourne, Australia, in what appears to be a fairly ordinary suburban house. But Rohit, like many of us, is fighting a demon. His is called "fizzy drinks." He first encountered it when he was five or six, and it has kept its grip on him for more than 35 years. Until recently, Rohit would consume two a day. He would turn to them for solace in times of stress and unhappiness. He was so addicted, he could consume a Red Bull in four seconds flat. He could determine the amount of sugar with a single sip. He knew he had a problem. Once he was able to stop for 45 days, but then he fell off the wagon again.

Last month, though, Rohit decided it was time to exorcise the demon fizzy drinks once and for all. And he decided to make the entire world hold him accountable. He resolved to report on his progress every day to TikTok.

So far, Rohit has remained true to his mission. His videos have a comforting sameness. They always begin, "Hello, everyone," and then continue with the day count and a brief update on his progress. This is not annoying because Rohit is the most adorable person on the internet right now. He regularly thanks the TikTok community for its support and tells his viewers he couldn't accomplish this without them. There have been some wonderful milestones: he expanded his drinks diet to include warm water with lemon. He made it through one week. He felt so good he decided to forego the Sunday fizzy drink he had built into his quitting plan. He lost weight and his friends noticed! A fan recognized him out in the world. He beat his own personal record of 45 days without a fizzy drink and celebrated... with a nice glass of water! Recently he hit the 50-day mark and showed us his wedding picture, taken six years ago:

Can you see how much better he looks, so much more healthy and bright-eyed and enthusiastic? Don't you just want to give him a hug and say, "Rohit! I'm so proud of you!" From now on, I will follow Rohit wherever his anti-fizzy drink journey takes him.