Man Arrested For Stealing 800 Pounds Of Lemons, Motive Unclear

Many times the crime beat on our timely food website here is a stumper. Like this story from the Associated Press today: 59-year-old Dionicio Fierros was arrested in Southern California "after deputies found about 800 pounds of stolen lemons inside his car." The lemons appeared to be freshly picked and were in bags. Fierros was charged with of theft of agricultural products. The AP says the cops were working on a tip about "recent farm thefts."

Eight hundred pounds of lemons. Nearly half a ton of lemons. What would one do with all those lemons? Is there a lemon black market we're unaware of? A Guinness world record to be broken for biggest glass of lemonade? A small village hungry for the world's largest lemon bar? Failure to grasp the big picture, we suppose, is what separates us from the real criminal masterminds.