Finally, You Can Book The Lobster-Themed Vacation Of Your Dreams

Food-themed hotels and getaways are a pet interest of ours at The Takeout, whether we're talkin' chocolate or Taco Bell or more chocolate. The idea of letting your abiding love for one particular snack category dictate where and how you spend your travel/relaxation time is a level of dedication we have no choice but to respect. And what food has more ardent fans than Maine lobster? That's why, in an utterly sensible move, the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative has teamed up with the Boathouse Waterfront Hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine, to create the Maine Lobster Suite, an "oasis for lobster lovers everywhere."

According to a press release, the Maine Lobster Suite is the "sweetest suite" ever designed to celebrate the sweetest lobster on earth. The promotion runs from June to October, which is peak lobster season on the east coast. The rather excellent description of the getaway package is as follows:

Featuring over-the-top lobster-themed decor, the suite is the first of its kind oasis for lobster lovers everywhere, and the specially curated hotel package features extraordinary experiences sure to satiate those craving a lobster-filled getaway after many months at home.

They had me at "over-the-top lobster-themed decor," but there's even more for crustacean-heads to enjoy here. According to an email sent to The Takeout, the package comes with access to a special lobster-based menu exclusive to those who book the suite, with offerings like Maine Lobster Pizza, Bloody Marys, and Spring Rolls. You can also take a cruise on the Rugosa Lobster Boat "so you can learn how to haul traps like the pros." And if you book the package for the first weekend of the month during June-October, you'll also get a shipment of lobsters sent to your home after your stay. Just in case you didn't get all lobstered out during your time in Kennebunkport.

I know some real lobster lovers in my life who would probably do something like this. The question is, would you?