This Is Us Star Sold Girl Scout Cookies At The SAG Awards

Though I was the two-time top Girl Scout cookie seller for Troop 984, my marketing efforts pale in comparison to those of 10-year-old Mackenzie Hancsicsak, who plays the young version of Kate on NBC's This Is Us. While I knocked on doors and foisted order forms on my neighbors, Hanciscsak had a smarter plan: Sling cookies at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Yes, Hancsicsak also won a SAG Award over the weekend, but that's not what this story is about. This story is about her slick plan to sell Girl Scout cookies to possibly champagne-tipsy actors bored of the award-show canapés. All it took was a little social-media promotion, as the actress tweeted a photo of herself with a box of Samoas and her table number. Straight genius.

According to her online cookie-ordering page, Hancsicsak is only 1 percent of the way toward her cookie-selling goal (she probably hasn't entered all the sales she racked up at SAG yet, right?). But she's savvily posted the link to the page in her Instagram bio so fans can order cookies and help her troop "plan activities year-round and do important things to help our community." (I was just trying to sell enough cookies to get a free t-shirt.)

Chris Rock famously invited his daughter's Girl Scout troop to sell cookies at the Academy Awards in 2016, though there was some contention over how much money the girls actually raised. Still, selling cookies to movie stars pretty much beats knocking on strangers' doors any day.