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LSD Burgers, Strawberry Dumpster Cake And More Weird Charles Manson Food Facts

Charles Manson died late Sunday at the age of 83 after decades of being a racist murderous psychopath. Manson's life has been reported on ad nauseam over the years, but some food facts have emerged from the obits today. We thought you'd like to know.

Manson claimed to be a vegetarian

There's no actual evidence of Manson being a vegetarian and we doubt his prison kitchen went out of the way to accommodate his dietary restrictions, but in a 1970 rant to a California court, he claimed a moral high ground when it came to eating animals:


"You eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are better than you are, and in the same respect you say how bad and even killers that your children are. You make your children what they are. I am just a reflection of every one of you," Manson said. 

"I knew a guy that used to work in the stockyards and he used to kill cows all day long with a big sledgehammer, and then go home at night and eat dinner with his children and eat the meat that he slaughtered. Then he would go to church and read the bible, and he would say, 'That is not killing.' And I look at him and I say, 'That doesn't make any sense, what you are talking about?'

Then I look at the beast, and I say, 'Who is the beast?'

Yeah. Yikes.


One of Manson’s “girls” tried to kill a witness with an LSD-laced burger

Manson and his "girls" bribed former family member Barbara Hoyt with a trip to Hawaii so she wouldn't testify that they were responsible for the murders of Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Hoyt and Ruth Ann Moorehouse headed to Hawaii, but while there Moorehouse laced Hoyt's burger with a shit-ton of LSD and left her to die. Hoyt was hospitalized but survived the burger trip—and went on to testify against her poisoner and Manson himself.


Manson and his “girls” took Beach Boy Dennis Wilson dumpster diving for groceries

In her memoir, former "family" member Dianne Lake wrote about a strawberry cake she and the other girls made for Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson after taking him dumpster diving:

"We wound up driving in Dennis's burgundy Rolls-Royce to the back of a grocery store and showed him the art of Dumpster diving," Lake wrote. "We all laughed and sang all the way to the Dumpster, dragging Dennis by his hand. The best thing we found on this run was a flat of strawberries. After culling out the bad ones, we had enough to make him a strawberry cake complete with fresh Cool Whip. Charlie was leaning against the Rolls watching as we showed Dennis how it was done. 'Dennis, do you know how much good food is thrown out in America?' he shouted. One of the girls popped a fresh strawberry into Dennis's mouth and we all hopped back in the car. That night the girls and I made an entire meal with the produce and other discarded food. Then we presented Dennis with his cake."


Manson claimed his mom sold him for a pitcher of beer

In a 1988 book based on interviews with Manson, he claimed his alcoholic mom sold him for a pitcher of beer to a waitress when he was a little kid. His uncle allegedly took him back a few days later.

People are obsessed with Sharon Tate’s last meal

Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger had dinner at El Coyote Cafe in Los Angeles on August 8, 1969—and it ended up being their last meal. The group was murdered by Manson followers in Tate's Cielo Drive home later that night. Now, El Coyote—which is known for its stiff margaritas and big red booths—is a tourist destination for curious travelers and Manson devotees alike.