Lost Dog In Grocery Store Found In Dog Food Aisle

Did you know that dogs are the only animals that look at humans directly in the eye? A long time ago, one probably discovered that looking at a human in the eye and appearing to sympathize with all the trials and travails of being human was the best way to persuade the human to give them a few extra scraps of meat or maybe even an entire mammoth bone. And thus the dog became Man's Best Friend.

Most of the time, dogs are a reliable source of comfort and sympathy. But sometimes they just want to go off and live their own damned lives to the fullest. Which is entirely fair. But this is why I have been interrupted twice in the writing of this paragraph by my dog, Joe, with demands for chin scritches and a game of tug. And it's also why, in the middle of a global health crisis, a Staffordshire terrier in Derbyshire, England, recently decided to go grocery shopping on his own.

The dog, who remains unnamed, was discovered shopping alone at a Home Bargains store on March 7, reports Derbyshire Live. "He was happily walking up and down the aisles looking for hand sanitisers and toilet rolls I think!" a sales associate told reporters. "We found him in the pet food aisle, I think he was looking for his dinner."

The accompanying photo shows the dog standing in an aisle wearing a gray sweater and a shit-eating grin getting petted by two humans.

Two of the sales associates took the dog to a local vet, who helped to reunite him with his family. There is no word whether this good boy eventually got his dinner, but I'm willing to bet anything that he did. And also lots of treats and belly rubs.