Looking For Love At The Farmers Market

There may be more than fresh produce waiting for you at the local market.

Dating in the modern age is tough. Many of my friends bemoan having to use online dating apps before meeting face to face, often saying things like "Why can't we just find someone in person like we used to?" For those who aren't ready to give up on finding romance in a chance encounter, I present for your consideration: the farmers market.

Why one farmers market is hosting a “singles day”

The Logan Square Farmers Market in Chicago has long had a reputation for being a horny spot—Block Club Chicago reports that ever since the local market started up in 2005, neighbors regularly posted about how flirty and chemistry-filled the market seemed to be. And residents of the neighborhood say the simple reason why is that it's an area where a lot of cool single people just happen to live. There are bound to be sparks flying next to the mushroom stand.


The farmers market is leaning into that reputation by hosting an event called Mingle at the Market, just in time for cuffing season. On October 16, the market will be for singles only from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. A $25 dollar ticket gets you entry to the market, as well as drinks, charcuterie plates, and music. Regular market goers say that meeting people there just feels more organic (pause for laughter) and much lower pressure than other singles events, like speed dating. And at the market, you're able to show what you're like in the day to day, as opposed to meeting people when you're all dressed up out at a bar or some other special event.

Why farmer’s markets are great date spots

Even if you're still tied to the apps when it comes to meeting people, a local farmers market can be a great spot for that first date. For one, it's an open-ended time frame, which makes it easier to leave early if things aren't going well. On the other hand, as one Reddit user points out, "You can always pivot from a farmers market to dinner too if it's going well."


Activity-based dates are a natural ice breaker, Bustle says, and when you go somewhere like a farmers market where there's plenty to take in, conversation starters about what your favorite kind of tomato is, your favorite things to cook and eat, or just commenting on the characters in the crowd are built right in.

If you want to make the date even more interactive, you can take a cue from TikTok dates in which each person gets to choose an item to then turn into a full meal. This might be a little bit more of a time investment at a farmers market, but it's a creative option; or you can download this farmers market date kit from The Dating Divas, which includes a themed invitation to the farmer's market and a scavenger hunt-like challenge to keep you busy while you're there.


Whether you're just looking for some fresh produce or are on the prowl for a partner, maybe try to put your best foot forward next time you head to the farmers market. You never know who might be waiting for you.