Look Like A Foul-Smelling Snack This Halloween

I haven't dressed up for Halloween since 2016, when I painted myself cerulean in an homage to the ever-mystifying Blue Man Group. But Halloween costumes are a way of life for some revelers, and I suspect the pandemic won't do much to change that. Behold: the goofiest snack brand Halloween costumes, all perfectly suited for celebrating in the comfort of your own home. Please, for the love of God, stay home.


Slip into this malodorous Zombie Skittles box

A lucky few can don this six-foot-wide Zombie Skittles pack featuring a "Zombie Mode" button that releases the smell of "rotten zombie" and encourages passing fleshlings to keep their distance. The bad news: The deadline to enter to win one of these bad boys was October 23. Failing to catch the deadline was obviously a journalistic error of ours, but it does seem bogus that Skittles would limit this genius getup. Here's hoping that we'll have more stinky costumes next year—pandemic or no pandemic.

Dress your furry friend as a pup in a cup

Available on the Nissin Fan Store, the giant Cup Noodles costume is available for adults ($60, one size fits most) and dogs ($40, also fits noodle-loving cats).


Consider Dunkin' on the haters

Dunkin' devotees can dress as a cheery frosted donut or enormous cup of coffee. The former is clearly the real prize, as it features history's greatest fashion accessory: the doughnut headband, which true fashionistas will wear long after All Hallow's Eve.

Drop a hundo on this massive Arizona tea costume

Calling all Hypebeasts: AriZona Iced Tea is peddling a limited-edition costume inspired by their iconic cherry blossom-adorned Big Can. The one-size-fits-all AriZona Green Tea Big Can costume retails for $99 online.