LongHorn Steakhouse Hotline Is The Fourth Of July Version Of The Butterball Hotline

Say you're grilling tomorrow and you have a question about, say, temperature. Or marinades. Or charcoal. Yes, you could just Google that shit, but say you want an expert opinion from an actual human who is speaking to you out of their mouth?

This hypothetical you is in luck. Restaurant chain LongHorn Steakhouse will have experts staffing a hotline from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Central on July 4, ready to answer grill-related questions and help resolve any grilled meat crises that may occur, such as: Why does dad insist on grilling the chicken wings black on the outside and pink on the inside? 

The experts, per Wide Open Eats, are the winners of this year's Grill Masters competition, which saw Grill Masters from LongHorn locations across the country vie for the honor (and also a fat pile of cash). Each contestant had to cook six steaks, plus sides, in 20 minutes or less, and survive a verbal grilling (heh) about general steak knowledge as well. Michelle Cerveny from Cuyahoga, Ohio was the winner, and she'll be joined on a line by a pack of worthy runners-up.

To take advantage of all that knowledge, call 1-855-LH-GRILL (855-544-7455) and ask away. Never fear, they'll be back for Labor Day.