Long Island Pizzeria Customers Not Having It With Guy's Racist Comments

I'm pretty sure I'm safe in assuming that we've all, at least once in our lives, witnessed a complete stranger acting like a racist douchebag. (Was that ranting bagel guy really only a few months ago?) Below is a video—posted a couple weeks ago—of another such person, who decided to harass the Latino counter staff at a Long Island pizzeria. What makes this video special is that the long line of customers standing behind him weren't here for his vile brand of shenanigans, and, as it's Long Island, there are accents:

I understand none of the following sentence may appear to make sense, but I swear to you this is true: People from Long Island are all up in the comments of this YouTube video restoring my faith in humanity. It's okay if you don't believe this, because I'm still in disbelief myself. But check out these choice comments:

"Thats ridiculous. Lived on Long Island for 29 years and the guys over at Little Vincents were always the BEST!!! So sad to see this happened to them, props to the guy in line sticking up for him. Absolutely abhorrent"

"The town of Huntington does not claim this man and we love little v's and all the people that work there. Foreign language or not we all belong here. Sad to see someone verbally abused like this and sad to see such ignorance."

"I am a manager at Book Revue right next door and we get pizza from lil vs for our staff for many of our events. I unfortunately do not know his name but that employee is kind, intelligent, efficient and it is literally a pleasure to interact with him."

"This behavior has no place in America, least of all in Huntington. The guys at Lil V's are the best and deserve way better than this sorry drunkard. One cold cheese slice please."

And, because it's Long Island:

"Begging to get his face broken"

Good on you, Huntington, Long Island. Proud of you guys for sticking up for the staff who were just trying to do their jobs. Check out Little Vincent's if you're in the area—according to some of the comments, their "cold cheese slice" is supposed to be great.