Eat Fried Chicken And Avoid Being "Depressingly Alone" This Christmas

Take inspiration from one Japanese fast food chain offering special deals for single people this holiday.

At some point there was a meeting that I was not invited to where everyone on Earth decided that Christmas was no longer just about Santa or the birth of Christ or whatever other wintery lore you choose to believe. No, Christmas, you see, is now about romance. There's the mistletoe, the Instagrammed engagements in front of the tree, the endless onslaught of holiday-themed rom-coms—if you're not coupled up by December 25, then you might be missing out on the reason for the season. Well, sad singles in Japan can at least find some comfort, thanks to a deal from a local restaurant.


Asian fast food chain Lotteria is offering a fried chicken dinner for one called Kuribocchiken or Lonely Christmas Chicken Pack, reports SoraNews 24. It's a play on the word Kuribocchi, which roughly translates to "lonely Christmas," with bocchi specifically equating to the phrase "depressingly alone."

Lotteria seemed to rightfully figure out that if you have the perfect amount of comfort food, you won't be depressingly alone at all! You'll be happily alone without worrying about sharing any tasty morsels with anyone but yourself. The Kuribocchiken meal features three pieces of karaage Japanese-style fried chicken, one piece of Western-style fried chicken with a Cajun spice blend, a side of fries, and a small soft drink, "so you'll have something to drink other than your tears of loneliness" writes SoraNews 24. Geez, way to rub it in.


Of course if you're reading this from anywhere other than Japan, you won't be able to cash in on this deal, but perhaps it provides some inspiration for your own solo Christmas dinner. Why not try your own karaage or American fried chicken at home? We have plenty of helpful tips for making the best dang chicken you can. And if you're not up for cooking, there are plenty of fast food joints that will be open on Christmas Day (though be sure to call ahead to your neighborhood location just to make sure). Who needs love on Christmas Day when you can have food instead?