London Bar Plans Menstruation-Themed Brunch For Charity

Good morning, chap! Fancy a macaron shaped like a tampon? Perhaps a Bloody Mary? Get thee to brunch at London's The Book Club, then. Next month, the bar will host a menstruation-themed meal in support of Bloody Big Brunch, an organization that donates sanitary products to women in poverty.

Per the Evening Standard, from March 3-10, the bar will serve "period pancakes" and other special dishes with the goal of both destigmatizing conversations about menstruation and to raise money for Bloody Big Brunch. Fifteen percent of sales will be donated to the charity, and diners are also encouraged to bring sanitary products to donate in exchange for a free Bloody Mary.

Similar charitable organizations exist here in the States, too. Chicago Period Project "empowers homeless and in-need people to experience their periods with dignity" and has hosted events that included a pop-up Valentine's market at an arcade bar. And Days For Girls is a Washington state-based group that "increases access to menstrual care and education" internationally. Whether or not you personally care to attend a menstruation-themed meal, one must acknowledge the good work these groups do. Period.