Levain Bakery Cookies And Coffee Coke Coming To Supermarkets Everywhere

If you do not live in New York City, you may not have been initiated into the cult of Levain Bakery, a seven-location minichain that makes enormous (well, six-ounce) chocolate chip cookies that top all sorts of Best in New York polls and inspire New Yorkers to stand in lines that wrap around the block. But now ordinary Americans will get to experience the glory that is the Levain Bakery cookie for themselves: a frozen version will be appearing in grocery stores in the next few months, first in the Northeast and then across the rest of the country.

The cookies will be prebaked, Adweek reported, and will heat up in five minutes. They'll be available in four flavors: chocolate chip walnut, two-chip chocolate chip, peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin (why?). "Nothing can replace the Instagram-worthy moment of breaking open a ginormous cookie at one of our original bakeries," CMO Rachel Porges said. "But now having a bite of the Levain Bakery experience won't require a trip to NYC."

It might make a decent snack when paired with Coca-Cola With Coffee, which will be available in the U.S. starting in January. This is also a cult product, available in, among other places, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Italy, and Japan, because of course Japan gets all the best convenience store food.

Anyway, Coca-Cola With Coffee will come in three flavors, Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel. Each can will have 69 grams of caffeine, as opposed to 34 grams in regular Coke and 46 in Diet. Have any of you tried Coke With Coffee? Would it pair well with a Levain cookie?