Less-Fortunate Royal Wedding Attendees Told To Bring Their Own Lunch

Wow, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is only two weeks from tomorrow, and we've scarcely figured out what to wear as we watch from the modest confines of our own homes. Pity the event's 600 invited guests, as they attend what is likely the last such event in England for awhile, at least until young Prince George gets engaged in about 20 years or so.

But at least those attendees get fed. Not so for some 1,200 other guests. As The Guardian points out, "Twelve-hundred handpicked members of the public—including inner-city youth workers from Coventry and community leaders from Bolton—will crowd inside the grounds of Windsor Castle to be among the first to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle emerge as a married couple." The efforts "is meant to build bridges between the royal family and some of the most deprived parts of British society."

A coveted golden ticket, to be sure. But those people—who, in all probability, lack the considerable means of those 600 guests inside Windsor Castle—have received letters "encouraging them to bring their own picnics," as the catered lunch will only be available inside. Fortunately, one guest points out, there's a McDonald's nearby, which will probably do a brisk business that day.

The crowd outside is key, otherwise the newly married couple would be arriving at the castle to little fanfare. But the wealth of the crown is considerable. Would 1,200 boxed lunches, maybe with an exclusive keepsake inside, be too much to ask?