Learn To Make Agave Royale, A Delicious Excuse To Combine Tequila And Champagne

In this week's episode of A.V. Cocktail Club, bartender Laura Kelton of Sportsman's Club in Chicago teaches one of her favorite party drink: Agave Royale.

Structurally it's not far off from the classic French 75, which combines a spirit and sparkling wine with a citrus element. While that cocktail typically employs gin and lemon juice, Kelton subs in lime and tequila, with added notes of elderflower and orange bitters.

"It's inspired by a couple of my favorite things: tequila and champagne," Kelton said. Even better in concert.

Agave Royale

1 oz blanco tequila.5 oz lime juice.25 oz St. Germain.5 oz AperolA splash of sparkling wine

Add lime juice, tequila, St. Germain and Aperol into shaker tin. Add ice, shake. Pour into glass and top with a splash of sparkling wine. Garnish with lime peel.